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Why We Chose Homeschooling

Lots of you have asked me why we chose homeschooling from my post about homesteading with a large family. So I decided to add just why we chose it and if it is achievable for you then you should too. (This is a long one)

It’s starts off with my story as a kid.

I was a very sensitive kid growing up. I had short hair and everyone including grown men called me a little boy. I’m sure for those men it was in a joking manner but I liked my hair short. I was a tomboy and I also knew I wouldn’t have tangles in it with my hair kept short. Kindergarten started off very upsetting. It didn’t want to go to school. I cried every morning, felt alone and it was a huge adjustment. I can’t say I ever adjusted because I can recall every morning of 4th grade, I’d go to the bathroom before first class and bawl my eyes out. Then went on with the day. I hated school. I wasn’t treated fairly. There were kids who would try to pick fights with me every single year. Different teachers, different years, different schools. It was all the same.

This is why we chose homeschooling.


I was in public school until 5th grade in that year I skipped school, walked away from school, quit doing homework, talked in class, and failed all classes, failed the end of the year testing. Went to summer school to pass my grade and then I was homeschooled.

Now you may be thinking I would have beat your ass. I would have been up at that school. Yeah my mom did all of that. It didn’t work.

You see, I didn’t tell my mom I was ever being bullied because I never felt like it was relevant or important. I was even being bullied by teachers. In 5th grade specifically my math teacher would purposely ignore me with my hand raised because I didn’t understand what she was teaching. Then when I put my hand down and start talking to someone while she was teaching she would actively put me on blast at the front of the class to solve a problem. How could I solve the problem if she never explained it to me in a way I would understand? I lost hope so I quit trying. Homeschooling was no thought in my mind then.

Same year, I had a run in with the principal who called my brother a little punk and I stood up to her and said don’t be calling my brother a little punk. You are a punk. Yep you guessed it. In school suspension for making her look bad. It was my word against hers but it was okay because I enjoyed ISS. Then later that same year I walked away from the school with my brother and cousins and went to the park which was a block away, and two hours later my mom picked us up.

school bus

The very last incident was me skipping school for two weeks. The first time I got my ass beat. Second time she decided to just flat out ask me why, then came the flood gates as they opened and drowned my mom. She decided to look into homeschooling and pulled us at the end of the school year.

The first 6 months of homeschooling was great. It was me , my brother, and three of my cousins. My aunt was the teacher. It went fantastic. We excelled. We learned. It all went seamlessly.

Then she had to take off a few states away and my brother and I just stayed back at home and eventually just fell into a routine of either do it or don’t. I loved homeschooling so I did fantastic. I kept working hard trying to be the goody good kid. Trying my hardest to make my mama proud.I did amazing but eventually I moved out at 15 and got my GED at 19. These events completely made my decision to homeschool as a mom. 

Before I even had my first kid I was trying to figure out how I’d even home school.

pencil and paper

Once my oldest kids were about 3 I started researching the laws and requirements. I started researching curriculum and different teaching types. I started homeschooling my daughters. For Kindergarten I was heavy on curriculum until my mom died and then I just fell apart. Then 1st grade came and we started with curriculum in a all in one workbook. I became pregnant but continued. We had already started the 2019-2020 year in July because I knew the baby would be born in September and we would be taking the month off. August came and I had my son 4 weeks early ( Birth Story Here! ). At just 36 weeks gestation at home, our little Alien was on Earth. We have since gotten back into homeschooling,  but more into an unschooling type of learning. There’s some workbook type of school work here and there but it’s mostly learning via hands on and talking about what their interests are. We spend a lot of time working outside and getting housework done so school is squeezed into these activities. 

I prefer the Waldorf / Montessori style learning within the interest based approach.

My kids are enjoying homeschooling and are learning through lots of games such as bingo and mancala. We tell time with the clock so they know when daddy gets home from work or what time dinner is. They are learning money by counting what’s in their piggy banks and then adding the coins together and see what they get. They learn letter sounds by sounding out the words on soup cans and learning the beginning sounds by playing grocery store. We go through the ABC’s and call out the name of an item with the letter I pick. So say I call out B and they have to find a grocery item that begins with B. Nothing is off limits. They pick Bologna. This is where I have to explain that some words are not spelled the way they are pronounced. 

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Learning is in everything. Everything can be school when you are homeschooling. What are some of your favorite things to do for homeschool?

Do you feel any easier with your choice? Leave a comment below if you wish.

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