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What Is Infertility and How I Beat It

How I beat infertility after being on birth control is such a long story. I’ll try to make it as short and to the point as possible.

Vitex  Photo by David J. Stang

plant to help infertility
Vitex Photo by David J. Stang

These days, you are faced with a plethora of options for birth control. Once you start menstruating, it is common to automatically be placed on some type of birth control. This was my entire thought process as a young mom. That once my girls hit that stage it would be an automatic thing.

I was NOT having my babies have babies before they were ready. However I don’t want to be the cause of their infertility, so this is a battle in my mind of is it a necessary evil?

Sometimes birth control can be a good thing. In the event of severe cramping and bleeding throughout the month causing anemia or other things. However, I always want to start with natural remedies first. Yes, there are natural things you can try for birth control. You have to be within someone of age appropriate knowledge as well. I can point to dietary changes before any pharmaceutical use. Just look at the labels of the foods you put into your body. How many of these contain a soy byproduct? Do you know what a soy overload does to the body? Estrogen dominance. Lets keep this going…

I was 12 when I first started my period. Skipped 5 months before I had my next one. This should have been a sign to my mother. I mean I couldn’t possibly be pregnant because I wasn’t sexually active, so what should have happened was we should have taken a trip to the gynecologist. I didn’t go to a doctor until I was sexually active at fifteen years old.

That’s only because my boyfriend wanted me on birth control so we wouldn’t have a slip up.

Never had I been talked to. I only knew what my peers had told me as far as the bleeding, pain and other things to expect. So fast forward to when I turned 15. I had a boyfriend who is now my husband. He insisted that I get on a type of birth control as a pregnancy preventative. I’ll be honest. I had no clue what fertility nor infertility was at that point. It was just okay sex causes babies so I need to be on something. We had been intimate for about 5 or so months prior to my first appointment. How we never had an oopsie I don’t know.. At that point I guess the pullout method and condoms worked. 

doctor by www.ilmicrofono

That first gynecologist appointment was so traumatic for me.

I didn’t really understand why until I hit my 30’s and really thought back in my history for triggers. There was one. Sexual abuse. This doctor was a male. Feeling unwilling and allowing the fondling on my breasts, as he told me he was feeling for lumps. I was completely naked on the table. Underage. He was in his mid 30’s at least. Hand shoved into areas that I’ve only willingly allowed 1 person into. I felt broken and violated and seriously cried in the shower when I got home. For the rest of the day I wouldn’t even speak to my boyfriend after the appointment. I felt as if he betrayed my trust all so he could have unprotected sex with me.

Out of this visit, there was no mention about infertility. No blood work. Just a pregnancy test and here’s some pills. Come back if you have any issues.

After 4 years on 4-5 different pills I wanted something I wasn’t going to forget to take. 

I tried the patch. Instantly within 30 minutes my chest started to hurt and I felt sick. I ripped it off. I tried again the following month. Same thing but I kept it on anyways. I was sick for three days. Finally I said the heck with it. I went back to the pill for a couple of months. Somewhere when I turned 19 I learned of depo provera. The shot! Oh my gosh this evil, evil shot. I went in for my first shot. The shot gave me a rush so bad I almost passed out from it. I didn’t tell a soul. Nevertheless, I just figured it was my nerves. Boy did it hurt. 

That was the first one.

All went well. I didn’t bleed for 3 months. Woohoo! Who wouldn’t be excited about not bleeding? I started to gain weight. But I was okay with it because I was so underweight I wanted to look healthy. Well by my 3rd shot 10 months in I had gained about 34 pounds and was so emotionally messed up that I couldn’t continue. So I suffered through 18 months of constant bleeding every day. I finally decided to go to the doctor. The only thing they wanted me to do was get on another birth control to get my body back regulated. I asked them how am I going to try to become pregnant if I am on birth control?  They said give it at least three months and then make an appointment but youre so young, you should have no problems.

I did try the pill for one month and nothing. My body was still spotting every day. Little did I know that so many women suffered infertility after the depo provera birth control.

This is when I decided enough is enough!

negative test by Konstantin Lazorkin

We looked into his sperm count at home with one of those kits you can buy and did it ourselves at home. He was fine, so of course it had to be me, right? 

How I beat infertility.

This is when I started looking up natural herbs and treatments. I found chasteberry, also known as vitex. My head was spinning while looking into all of the fertility aspects of it. I ordered two bottles. By the time I found this I had 3 miscarriages and was on my 4th. It was unexplained infertility. The doctors considered it to be infertility even though I was getting pregnant because I was healthy. Hormones were within normal levels and I hadn’t been actively trying for a full year.

Photo by tj.blackwell
I was so tired of loss. Was so tired of life. I wanted out of my marriage because in my heart I knew he deserved kids. I had just been told by the 4th doctor that providing any children for my husband at only 24 years old wasn’t going to be a realistic goal for me.

So after a month of taking these pills I could feel a difference in my body and tracked everything! Temperature,ferning patterns, cervix height and cervical fluids, and into the second month we decided to try and plan for a baby. This one stuck but it became a hard pregnancy filled with preterm labor, progesterone shots, and many different pills. She came at 38 weeks, not breathing due to meds I was given during birth but otherwise she was healthy.

Furthermore I stopped taking all of the meds and quit paying much mind to my fertility after that because my end goal was to have my baby. But the bug hit me again and I fought for another three years of trying. Then I started using evening primrose oil. Which is another over the counter herbal supplement that’s amazing for infertility. Just two weeks of using that and I was pregnant with another baby girl but at that point it was more me trying to get my cycle on track first. She was also born at 38 weeks, healthy.

Then my other son.

I wasn’t not trying to get pregnant but not preventing it either. I had a miscarriage prior and it had been a couple of month long periods so I decided to take the evening primrose oil and it knocked me right on up haha. Healthy pregnancy other than controlled gestational diabetes. He was born at 38 weeks hypoglycemic, but healthy. Last but not least my last son. Or is it? Total oopsie. I wasn’t treating infertility. Truthfully, I was trying to get bigger boobs using an herbal supplement that had so many fertility blends in it. I knew about some of the ingredients in the pills but didn’t really read into and boy it pushed my “normal” fertile week a whole week earlier than normal. This was my alien invasion. My whole unassisted homebirth story here.

So you see I did things on purpose to fix my infertility, and I accidentally made myself fertile with some. 

Now that 100% we aren’t trying I am making sure I label watch and make sure nothing I ingest can get me into that 9 month bug unless I plan it, which NO MORE!

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