how to survive a worldwide pandemic
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How To Survive A Worldwide Pandemic

How do you survive a worldwide pandemic?

pandemic mask

What is a pandemic? Well it is when a disease epidemic occurs globally instead of just within a community. Picture this, the whole world is going to shit and there’s a pandemic. Your government is taking all of your rights away and you are left with nothing but the clothes on your backs. 

That’s what is going on right now. This Covid-19 pandemic is brutal. The government isn’t telling us the truth and we have nowhere to hide. So what do you do? PREPARE NOW!!

I didn’t write this post to scare you. I wrote it to inform you and get you in the mindset to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. So what is something you should do? What are the steps to survive a pandemic?

Clean water. You need to stock up on plenty of clean water. If you must… bury them underground somewhere just in case the government comes to take all of your supplies because when a pandemic happens and they declare martial law, your rights are screwed! 

pandemic water bottles

Protection is another one. This means exactly what you think it means. In a worldwide pandemic it will be survival of the fittest and you know what comes with that?

Looting and shooting. Robbery, rape, and slim food supplies. You will need to be prepared to shoot to kill. You may not like the idea of this but I can guarantee you this. If it came down to the survival of your family during a pandemic you’d be ready to end someone else’s life to save one of your own. Protection can also mean shelter. When tshif you don’t want to be caught in a big city, have you ever seen the walking dead? The book of Eli? It’s gonna be bad!!!

Food supplies.

You really need to stock up or make your own MRE’s.  You will need something you can stock up on but also small enough to pack and tote if you have to travel on foot. Something high in calories and honestly I’d be getting a book on foraging plants and their health benefits. We do not know how long the pandemic will last nor what will be in scarcity but without proper nutrition, and hygiene, disease will rise. You can guarantee that. 

First aid.

first aid in pandemic
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There are many things you can use in nature for first aid during a pandemic. If you have a willow tree, use the bark and steep into a tea and you have natural aspirin. You can use plantain plant as a natural topical antibiotic by crushing it up into a poultice. Ace bandages, gloves, rope,tape, oils. Lot’s of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. I can’t stress this enough.. extra shoes. If you ever end up on foot , you will wear out your shoes pretty fast. Plus the shoestrings will more than likely come in handy. If you can find a cheap tarp then that’s a good thing to have because it catches rain water you can boil to disinfect and drink. 

Now for the fun items.

A couple packs of playing cards because people get bored. Small pots and pans for food or even music when you need to unwind. Puzzles are nice too. The biggest thing would be to have a ziplock bag for waterproofing.

Women: Let’s talk feminine products. Now I know lots of you are 100% pads or tampons but what happens when those run out? They make reusable cups also. I personally have been using these for years. This is a must have when prepping because it’s things you will need on hand. 

Men: Especially the more hefty men, you should find boxer briefs or some covering to prevent chafing because of you are walking quite a ways, thigh rub is no joke.

This is another reason why I decided to homestead because if something terrible happens, we can’t rely on the government nor our neighbor to keep us safe.

Have you thought about bugout bags? What about secondary shelter? Tell me some things you have thought of.

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