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How To Live An Organic Lifestyle

So what does it mean to be living an organic lifestyle? 

Well it can be open to interpretation as just about anything can be but the literal definition organic is: derived from plants or animals; but this could also pertain to dirt and rock as well. You wouldn’t think that a rock isn’t organic would you? It isn’t unnatural so my opinion of the definition is anything natural. 

When you think of living an organic lifestyle most of the time you’re just thinking about making sure you use anything listed as organic but it really goes deeper than that.

You have to look up and search for yourself and pinterest is such a wonderful source. You can even follow me for all of my posts and things I pin that I plan to do. Looking up seeds and products that do not contain pesticides such as corn with the red tips. That’s a big no no. You are finding plants that have not been treated with insecticides and chemical fertilizers especially when you will be ingesting the fruit and vegetables from them.

wood ash and wood stove

Then there’s reusing everything from which you use. If you heat with wood, using the ashes to raise ph of the soil. Making dust baths for the chickens, and even making your own lye soap. Be careful with the last one because it will chemically burn you. You must use the right amounts and research for yourself the benefits and how it is done. I have yet to make soap. I will in the future and I may make a how to post on it when I do. The wood ash also makes a good barrier from bugs around plants. Beware that some plants will be burned if it is too close to the root.

Using manure from your livestock is another way of living an organic lifestyle. Some may not want to “play in poop” but this is amazing for the soil and plant growth. Manure is a fantastic organic fertilizer. You can use it for compost and then break it down for organic garden soil mix. You have raised beds or just till it into the soil in your garden and you will have a great ready soil to produce the best produce!

Even better is when you have amazing produce to sell which also will help fund your garden each year!

Can you tell I am all about the future of my homestead? Living an organic lifestyle is really the best way to live because you don’t have to worry about what you are putting into your body because guess what? You know exactly what you are eating!! 

Let’s go back to composting real quick. I do a very low form of composting because I don’t really have any equipment. I literally have a pile on the ground of my organic mix. It’s things that don’t really cause any damage. It would be things like dirt, leaves, bread, banana peels, any hair from haircuts, tea leaves from brewing sweet tea, and any left overs from the garden at the end of the season. I do not add manure to it as of yet since I only have chickens and that’s a whole nother part of the yard.

compost vegetables

Right now I’m dumping it by the house and I’m not adding poop to my front yard. Kids love poop. I will stop there. When I want to add manure to the compost as it starts to decompose I will move it to another part of the yard a bit farther away where I know the kids do not play near because chicken poop is very pungent smell. 

This is a small list of what I am doing currently to transition into living an organic lifestyle. If there is anything you feel I have missed by all means leave it in the comments. We are a community and I love learning from those who have more information! It so amazing when we come together so leave a comment below of something you have learned or think I should look more into.

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