How I Killed My Blog In 3 Days

This is how I killed my blog before it even got started. My first 3 days was such a huge headache for me. I caused utter blog death.

It started off nice! However, I started my blog with siteground and they host the WordPress platform and even have a domain purchase option with it. I started everything, added some plug ins. Thinking I’m going to be smart and add my mailchimp to a static landing page and it will be awesome! WRONG!!!

blog ssl error

You see, I was ahead of myself and with all of this something broke. When I say broke, I mean to the point of no return!! I killed my blog! I deleted WordPress off my blog and then sent my site to something else trying to get a SSL certificate because nothing was pulling up. Oh boy but did I ever make it worse. Therefore I spent two days (probably upwards of 12 hours) researching what SSL PROTOCOL ERROR was.  

blog ssl error search

Duplicate A NAME

I don’t even know what it is but I am so thankful that the chat guy was so thorough and nice. My domain was being sent to another web address. It wasn’t completely changed over. So it was just sitting there with nowhere to go. Remember the part of Charlie and the Chocolate factory when the Hershey bar was in fragments above their heads? Yeah, my blog was doing just that! As you can see below in the screenshot I was at a loss and had no clue what I had been doing.

chat talking about blog ssl error

I can’t thank the chat guy enough for explaining to me exactly how to find where my A NAME was at and how to fix it. I am not tech savvy by any means so details were exactly what I needed. He even waited in the chat until I had finished the steps! I wasn’t alone in doing it!! My blog is now up and running and I can’t wait to get back started working on everything!! 

SOOOOO EXCITED! Siteground is amazing! 

Looking to start a blog? Want great customer service? Tap my link and get signed up and running. Siteground rewards me when someone starts a blog under my link. It doesn’t cost you any extra. It just helps me pay for my blog. You can check out my disclaimer here. Now on to my first post on what this blog is about.

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