homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020

Homeschooling During The Pandemic In 2020

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Are you homeschooling in 2020 during the pandemic? Is it that time already? Back to school in a couple weeks for us and I am just not sure if we are ready. I’m so tired. I’m not feeling capable. However, we will get it done and we will make it through like we always do. We have been homeschooling throughout the kids k-2 so far so it isn’t new to us but I know that it is for so many right now. Homeschooling is not like the 2020 pandemic virtual learning many are getting with public school.

Subtle whispers from others

 My kids aren’t being taught up to their standards because they are behind other children their age in public school and some younger with certain things. Reading/writing  mainly. I get tired of trying to prove to others why I feel that pressuring my kids to be like everyone else and do everything that everyone else is doing is a bad thing. 

I digress.

You’d think homeschooling in 2020 would be that of the future. Would you believe the stigma has actually gotten worse?

I have decided to try my best to stick cotton in my ears and drown out the world and family who don’t have anything positive to say. Where I am in the schooling section is that I won’t be doing a typical 5 day week. I will have 2 in second grade and a preschooler or two this coming up year. It’s a mess for me because I am just not a routine type of person.  Schedules are not something I can stick to for more than a couple of days at a time. Then I just lose the motivation all together.

homeschooling in 2020

Homeschooling in 2020

Here’s what it looks like:

Moms frantically worried about how they can work and teach their kids.

Moms going crazy over their children not being socialized.

Moms mask shaming other moms in front of their kids.

Moms worried that they can’t provide the type of education the school can.

Please, please moms. You can do so much better because

1. You know your child.

2. You can have that one on one time better than a teacher can.

As far as socializing. Well homeschooling during the pandemic has been a big thorn in everyone’s side. But there are so many ways to socialize normally. Co-ops. Friends get togethers. Cookouts. Going to the grocery stores. The public park. How about good ole fashioned field trips? Just because your kids aren’t in typical school doesn’t mean they can’t socialize.

As far as homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020.

You can do online zoom meetings. Have your kids Skype their friends. Heck, even go on tiktok and have them watch other kids doing fun things. Just don’t look up kinktok and expect to have a clean tiktok when your kids are with you searching. You can also do virtual field trips. A lot of educational websites provide these and even NASA has a virtual part on their website. 

School can come from so many things too. Cook a meal and meal prep together. Teach them conversions because that’s definitely something you’ll be using if you ever expect to cook in life. You can teach them life skills. Teach them how to read so they can even read a recipe book. Gardening and pests is biology which is not age dependent. I could go on because there’s so much out there.

So you see there are so many ways you can incorporate school into your daily life that you don’t have to spend 8 hours on academics. Public school doesn’t either, just a fair warning. 

Homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020 doesn’t have to be scary. You can do this and your child can thrive.I’m not saying it’s always easy but it’s something you can do and do well. 

How are you homeschooling in 2020?


    • Jones Family Puzzle

      When it comes to children socializing and academics yes it is a lot different then when I was growing up. I experienced both sides of schooling. It’s more now that the parents who push feelings and opinions on other parents.

      • Jones Family Puzzle

        Thank you. Life tends to get in the way and lot’s of parents are just as lost and confused as the kids. It helps to have someone out there who is willing to talk about it and help.

  • Mary

    This post is so inspiring, homeschooling is something a lot of mothers out there feel they can’t handle, but this article is a reminder that you can do it especially as you know your child better than any teacher out there.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I absolutely feel that way. Homeschool does not have to be Monday – Friday 7am-3pm. homeschool can be on the weekends. Homeschool can be at night. Homeschool can be in the kitchen or by the swimming pool. Parents can look up their state requirements and that is a very good starting point.

  • Lily

    Totally agree with you, ignore the naysayers. There’s no one “right” way to do things. You know your kids best after all. Stay strong!!

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      Thank you. It really is hard some days because of how things are pushed onto children in public school. If they don’t get it then they are deemed as slow children. Unfortunate fact is that some children take repetition to really understand something and time just isn’t what teachers have with so many kids in public school.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      Yes it is. I know parents don’t usually want to have to teach their children school because of so many reasons. Many parents feel they aren’t capable or qualified. some can’t afford to due to missing out on work. There are ways around the cost.There are ways to homeschool outside of work. I hope that things get back to normal soon so that children can actually be around their friends again.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      Thank you for taking the time to read. Life has been a mess for everyone. I hope that through my experience and the experience of others we all can come together to be more understanding.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I am glad people are finally reaching out. I have had a few reach out to me as well. I am a bit biased but I do provide info on homeschooling without forcing my bias on others. I prefer homeschooling due to my experience as a child but I also know I have a daughter who I have offered to let her go to public school because she is really social and loves other people. The point is giving the children that choice. I am not one to force my kids to do anything within limitations.

  • Mike A.

    In Ontario, we did online learning when the pandemic was in its early stages. With the new school year coming up, it was a tough call, but we are sending the kids back to school, while many people here are not. There’s really no right or wrong answer.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I agree. We all do what works best for our family unit. In my opinion the only wrong way is when one way or another it is causing emotional trauma to the child. That could mean homeschooling a very social child or sending a child to public school when they aren’t thriving.

  • Michele

    I am so glad I don’t have to do that this year. My stepdaughter is staying at her mother’s during the week, so we don’t have to do it on the weekends with her.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      Homeschooling is so much simpler and less time consuming than the virtual learning. I have heard so many friends of mine state that their kids are having melt downs and just can’t handle the new way. I guess in this situation I feel grateful my kids don’t know any difference than homeschool. Although missing out on our out of the house excursions has been daunting.

  • Nkem

    I always feel like people putting pressure on others to make choices like them is an indication of projection. I also have heard that homeschooling is no easier during the pandemic. Very interesting.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I know I have a bias that homeschooling is better for us. For many. It could be that I live in a state that allows for little invasiveness when it comes to teaching. Some states are tough on parent teachers. All I can say is my experience and those of who I associate with (in many states) are having an easier time transitioning out of traditional public school.

  • Maysz

    All kids have a lot of adjustment because of the pandemic. That’s why many parents decide to homeschooling for kids but not all parents have technology for their kids this is the saddest reality happening right now.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I can definitely see that as an issue especially now since libraries are closed. What do the parents do now if they don’t have the means for virtual learning for their kids? I hadn’t thought of that.

  • Anne

    My daughter is still young to go to school and so i haven’t experience homeschooling yet ( should I be thankful ? Hehe ) in a way we should be thankful for high technology that it’s doable now a homeschooling, I mean it’s easier I think .

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I definitely believe homeschooling is so much simpler now than it was when I was finishing middle school as a homeschooler. You didn’t have the resources then that you do now as a parent teacher.

  • Glorious Heights

    Thanks for some wonderful ideas and tips , I want to homeschool my toddler this year and I too am facing all these fears discussed here. Now virtual tours is a great idea.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      The fears are real. Always wondering if you are going to fail your child but honestly unless you are just not doing anything with them at all, you will never fail your child.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      You and me both. I have family going through it and the kids are really suffering. My heart breaks for all of them because as a parent seeing your child like that is bad enough.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      Yes it has and I personally have seen my own family suffer through it. A vibrant 9 year old who did well in public school in person is now one of those who can’t afford the internet and of course a single mom barely making it and doesn’t have the means to just drive to a place with a computer. I believe his grades are suffering. It is such a disheartening situation to be in.

  • Jessica Collazo

    People have such a stigma about homeschooling and they don’t realize that before school that was the norm,homeschooling. People new things because their parents or family members teach them, they didn’t have any academics, they just teach them what they knew.

    • Jones Family Puzzle

      I agree. Truth of the matter is that most of what is taught in school with not be applicable to daily life as an adult. It’s great to know some things but definitely need to focus more on what we all will more likely need to survive as an adult. Teach our children to explore many things and then they can apply it when they decide what their path is going to be in life.

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