• homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020

    Homeschooling During The Pandemic In 2020

    Are you homeschooling in 2020 during the pandemic? Is it that time already? Back to school in a couple weeks for us and I am just not sure if we are ready. I’m so tired. I’m not feeling capable. However, we will get it done and we will make it through like we always do. We have been homeschooling throughout the kids k-2 so far so it isn’t new to us but I know that it is for so many right now. Homeschooling is not like the 2020 pandemic virtual learning many are getting with public school. Subtle whispers from others  My kids aren’t being taught up to their standards…

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    Why We Chose Homeschooling

    Lots of you have asked me why we chose homeschooling from my post about homesteading with a large family. So I decided to add just why we chose it and if it is achievable for you then you should too. (This is a long one) It’s starts off with my story as a kid. I was a very sensitive kid growing up. I had short hair and everyone including grown men called me a little boy. I’m sure for those men it was in a joking manner but I liked my hair short. I was a tomboy and I also knew I wouldn’t have tangles in it with my hair…