• 5 Reasons Your Birth Plan Sucks

    The 5 Reasons Your Birth Plan Sucks

    Want to know the 5 reasons your birth plan sucks? Keep reading and I can explain Look I am not trying to argue here. I have been there and done that whole not planning and over planning thing and I just have to say that in all of the hustle bustle, much of what I had in my birth plan was a damn waste of my efforts. No birth plan at all. When I didn’t plan at all, I was played by the medical field. Therefore, lots of things happened that shouldn’t have happened. In turn, I also almost lost my first daughter because of it. 2. Don’t over plan…

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    Why I Had An Unassisted Home Birth

    People think I’m nuts when I say I had a home birth on the homestead with a preemie, unassisted!  Let me clarify something. Never once did I intend to have an unassisted birth at 36 weeks. I planned and researched and became a doula to have the knowledge. We gathered supplies. Then I fully trusted my body. I had a midwife all set up to birth at the earliest at 38 weeks, maybe 37. My normal was in the 38th week (3 kids previous naturally). I have assisted births before so I was used to everything birth related. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of my home birth on…