full moon in the year

An Update On The Jonestead

Update on the Jonestead, Has it been a year long full moon or what?

full moon during this crazy year

I wanted to give an update on how we have been this year since I went on hiatus. We have had an odd year. The entire earth’s axis are off rotation or some shit. Leap year, illnesses all over the globe shutting places down, murder hornets, sand storms, riots, hyped up media, mask and vax bullies. I’m honestly over it all.

I became overwhelmed so I took a looong break.

While on a social media break I decided to create a YouTube just for the video parts of my homesteading life and update y’all on our crazy journey. Mostly it’s been beekeeping so far and our experiences with it. Learning how to edit video has been a huge learning curve for me and it took 3 days for me to figure out how to use the software. Much like photoshop when I started. 

Our tiny garden this year has taken off amazingly so far I have 11 jars of snaps (green beans), 40 zucchini, 17 squash, and 6 bell peppers. I forgot to plant tomatoes this year, oops. It’s my first year really digging into gardening and it’s only like a 30×30 garden at most. So we planted corn, snaps, carrots, squash, zucchini, watermelon, bell peppers, and strawberries. What an exciting time. We will update with how well it all turns out as I go.

I love picking beans and tending to the garden. We have not been vigilant in keeping the weeds out though. 

update on the garden with my snaps

Last I checked the bugs have started to really take home to the plants and I’m learning to try and deal with them naturally that won’t kill my bees and that’s been a very hard thing to figure out. Whatever natural pesticide we look to use will naturally kill bees too. So our only option is soapy hot saucy water sprayed directly on said bugs and squish any eggs on sight. It’s way more time consuming but I also don’t want any pesticides in my food either so it’s more work but more benefit as well. I work the garden in the late afternoon once it cools down. I don’t go out there daily either. Guess I need to get on that more often, however with a zoo and 5 kids under 8 I am really surprised I get as much done as I do.

No excuses just kinda giggling at myself..

Some days I just can’t believe I am a mom to 5 when it seemed not long ago I had doctors telling me I’d never have kids. Life can be quite interesting.

Back in May we had our roof fixed (took us 2 years ) and while having our roof done both of our bee hives decided to swarm. First on a Sunday, next one on a Friday. Like seriously. The timing was impeccable.

Luckily our novice asses were able to catch them both.Update on that later.

So, I figured I’d give you an update on what was going on through the year since I haven’t really written an update on our homesteading life since April? My emotional well-being has been very touch and go so I just had to take a step back. I hope you’re well and tell me what you have been doing this year during these unsure times. 

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