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About Us

Welcome to my humble blog about life on the homestead.

Here’s a little about us. I am 31 years old. Married my husband when I was 21. Have survived 21 pregnancies with 4 that actually made it. We adopted our very first baby girl when I was 27 weeks pregnant with our first birth daughter after 5 years and 4 losses. They are only barely 3 month difference in age. They are 7 now. Then there’s my spirited 3 year old who gave me a run for my money, or so I thought until I had my first son. Ah, little tasmanian devil.

 Taz the destroyer as we call him. 

He just turned 2.  Always leaving a path of destruction everywhere he goes. Our last but not least. I am a preemie mom. Home Birthed our last unassisted. I Had every intention to birth at home. With my knowledge and my intuition I chose to stay home to birth at 36 weeks. It was amazing!

I am a doula. The love of knowledge in many facets due to the fact that I love learning different things and so many different things interest me. I spend a lot of time reading medical literature and studies on different medical scenarios.

My love for photography is growing everyday and I hope to share with you all about life on the homestead and share a little into our lives each week. We live on a little over an acre but are in the market for 10+ acres. I am excited to get us into this new way of living with more farmland, more farm animals, but until then we are working with what we have and making every inch count. We are a family of 7 so by most people’s standards we are considered a large family. I love it. Chaos at every corner but it’s our daily norm. I can’t wait to see just how  much you are loving the blog and hopefully I can help you along the way.