4 must haves on the homestead

4 Things You Must Have On Your Homestead

Welcome to the Jonestead. I am back again with 4 things you must have on your homestead. Check out my ultimate guide to homesteading here.

 I mean there are way more than 4 but let’s dive into it shall we? When you are starting out new with homesteading, you are totally lost at first. You are researching all kinds of things and WOW it’s so much info to take in. 

What type of homestead are you wanting?

4 things you must have on your homestead

What type of lifestyle are you wanting to live?

Do you know what animals you want or can afford? What about knowing the laws in your area? Did you know it is illegal to capture rainwater in some states? This is in the US by the way. 

First things first. Now let’s get on to the list. Here are the 4 things you must have on your homestead.


4 things you must have on your homestead

You need a water source!

Preferably running water with no pooling. A constant run is preferable because it’s constantly being filtered. It is coming off of a spring and there aren’t many contaminates. If you have pooling then make sure you’re gathering water from upstream and on the safe side, boil it.


Food for yourself and your livestock/poultry. 

When growing food for your family you have to take into account if you are going to preserve anything or just grow a big enough garden to pick from daily for dinner. Then you have to grow for your farm animals. Hay, straw, corn, fodder of some sort. Whatever is your fancy. Canning is a must if you are wanting for more than daily use. 

Furthermore when looking into canning, you must take into account where you will store the jars also.


Some sort of gardening tool

This means a tiller, tractor, or grubbing hoe. When you are planting a garden or just needing to break ground. You have to have some sort of tool for it. If you’re even in a pinch you could build a makeshift grubbing hoe. A tractor is your best bet because there are all sorts of attachments you can purchase. Used tools are pretty cheap now a days. 

4 things you must have on your homestead

4. The best one!!!

The motivation! I know one thing. Homesteading isn’t for the faint of heart! You really have to have the WANT to do this. Why? Because you will be tending to your land, your garden, your animals day in and day out. You don’t get to skip a day. When it gets really hot or cold, there are still things that have to be done regardless if you are sick or healthy. So when you are looking to homestead be sure that you have the motivation from the beginning or you will quickly lose focus and then all the time, effort, and money you put into it will be wasted. 

When you have all of these, then you have a way to become self sufficient. Like I stated above. There are way more to note that is important to be self sufficient. However, these are the beginning. Also don’t forget seeds/bulbs. You aren’t growing anything in that dirt you have hand cultivated, or watered with that awesome amount of motivation without seeds!! Even further, you can then decide on what you want to do with your homesteading treasures. Check out my post for ways to live off the homestead.

What would be some things you are looking into?

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