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3 Reasons Blogging Ain’t For Me

3 reasons blogging ain’t for me. If I had a dime for every time I said I am overwhelmed I would be swimming in coins like old Scrooge mcduck. However, it just isn’t happening for me. Let me let you in on a little secret. If you’re a normal nobody like me and you are thinking just like I did. Oh these articles about how easy and quick it is to start a blog. How simple things are. 

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Big fat NOPE!

Blogging is fucking hard. It makes you feel stupid. Incapable. Overwhelmed. Because you have a dream, you push through until you get a day or so of peace until the next wave of mind fucks happen. I have wanted to quit 3 times in two weeks. Nothing wanted to work as it should. I wanted to get right into monetizing and as you guessed it, no audience = no opportunity. How is it I feel blogging isn’t for me?

What exactly do these blogging gurus do to make it? How can I be one of those? I don’t want to be. It’s that simple. I’m not here to tell you how to blog or that you should or shouldn’t blog. That’s up to you to decide.

So reason 1 

Not only do I have self esteem issues, therefore every single time I read an article about how easy it is to get into blogging. I want to explode. I’ll give you an example. You have to use code! What I mean by this is there are codes you have to put in your hosting servers for google analytics can find you, in your html in your themes so google can find your site, for pinterest to link to you. So on and so forth.

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Reason 2 

Also, lots of times in this you are the cause of your site breaking. (Hence the statement above) The easiest part of blogging for me is writing the posts and even that is a pain in the ass. Specifically, I thought I was great with grammar! I excelled in school in that. Ha! Whole different beast in the blogging world. Transitional words, passive voice, seo, tags, keywords…. that brings me to 

Reason 3

Why does the jargon for everything have to be so much? It literally takes so much time to get started. I was told that once you get a few posts up and start promoting your blog, it gets easier. We will see.

blogging scrabble

So really, I don’t hate blogging. I don’t hate those assholes for saying blogging is easy. I’m blaming myself for believing it. I love to write. Informational pieces are my jam! I’m just not loving how dumb I feel at this moment. If only I could go more than 5 days without breaking my site, I’d be golden. I mean since writing this I have broken my site two more times. (Post about it here) Furthermore, this is a huge learning curve for me.

I’m not going to be another one of those “I’m a blogger telling you how to blog” posts however, if you are wanting to know all the ins and outs of getting started without the sugar coating, drop a comment below. 

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