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3 Best Animals For Your Homestead

Hey Y’all! If you are here from my other post to learn about which dogs are best for your homestead then this is the post for you. I will be talking about the 3 best animals for your homestead, dogs included. So let’s get started, shall we?

We aren’t getting into the nitty gritty on dogs on the homestead just yet.

I am saving the part with the most information for last. My favorite has to be chickens because i’m a meat eater and personally I feel like it’s just a way of life. Not that homesteaders aren’t vegetarians or vegans, but it’s just part of our personal homestead way; for us to eat meat. Don’t shoot me ha ha. It’s an opinion. I believe having chickens is the gift that keeps on giving. You have chickens to produce eggs. When they stop producing eggs, you have the meat, and then you can either incubate eggs and continue the hens legacy or you can let another broody hen set. The choice is awesomely yours to make. 

broody hen
Then we have the goats! Omg the goats!! Lovely, mean, cute, ugly, destructive little terrors. Use the adjective that suits your experiences with them.

They are pretty destructive and smart so you will need to keep them in a fenced area with no escape route. This means no weaknesses in the fencing and nothing within 10 feet of a fence to climb or jump over. They aren’t awesome at either but I have seen it happen on a homestead. If you get a female goat then yaye for goat milk! You can drink it, cook with it, and make soaps to use and sell. Another profitable way is of course selling the offspring to other homesteaders. I do not condone creating a goat version of a puppy mill so this post isn’t about that. They keep the grass growth down on your homestead and help fertilize the soil. All the reasons I love goats.

Now for the part you have been waiting for. 

Which dogs are the best for your homestead?

Any of them! Yeah you read that right. In my experience any dog you own is a great dog for a homestead and here’s the reason why. All dogs require training. It doesn’t matter if you raised it from a puppy or if it’s a little Maltese. Every dog has positives and negatives and all dogs can have a useful job on the homestead.

So let’s go through a few options.

Collie’s are great at rounding up sheep and livestock. It’s in their nature, and they have a relatively low kill rate. You do still have to teach them proper herding techniques but they are naturals. Then there’s the terrier which are instinctive to killing small pests such as field rats, moles, even some snakes in a couple cases I’ve heard of. They may go after small chickens and rabbits on your homestead so training them is key. I had a neighbor growing up where he hadn’t properly trained his dogs and they came and hunted my moms cats. They killed them and left.

So training is a must when it comes to certain breeds of terriers. Now for the ones that I have which are the Labrador retrievers. They aren’t very ideal if you aren’t training them and I learned this the hard way by losing a flock of chickens on my homestead. They are hunters by breed. Training them takes work but they are extremely smart and hard workers.

They are audible dogs that bark a lot.

They will alert you when there are predators on your homestead. This 100% is the reason I prefer this breed. Mine have saved my flock more often than I can count. Foxes, raccoons, and opossums have been discharged by my helpers. They get relatively large sized dogs which are good with cats and other pets most times and great with kids. Family dogs all the way around. 

lab mix

So this is my take on the 3 best animals for your homestead. Which are your faves? Comment your favorite below. 

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