• infertility and baby

    What Is Infertility and How I Beat It

    How I beat infertility after being on birth control is such a long story. I’ll try to make it as short and to the point as possible. These days, you are faced with a plethora of options for birth control. Once you start menstruating, it is common to automatically be placed on some type of birth control. This was my entire thought process as a young mom. That once my girls hit that stage it would be an automatic thing. I was NOT having my babies have babies before they were ready. However I don’t want to be the cause of their infertility, so this is a battle in my…

  • homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020

    Homeschooling During The Pandemic In 2020

    Are you homeschooling in 2020 during the pandemic? Is it that time already? Back to school in a couple weeks for us and I am just not sure if we are ready. I’m so tired. I’m not feeling capable. However, we will get it done and we will make it through like we always do. We have been homeschooling throughout the kids k-2 so far so it isn’t new to us but I know that it is for so many right now. Homeschooling is not like the 2020 pandemic virtual learning many are getting with public school. Subtle whispers from others  My kids aren’t being taught up to their standards…