• infertility and baby

    What Is Infertility and How I Beat It

    How I beat infertility after being on birth control is such a long story. I’ll try to make it as short and to the point as possible. These days, you are faced with a plethora of options for birth control. Once you start menstruating, it is common to automatically be placed on some type of birth control. This was my entire thought process as a young mom. That once my girls hit that stage it would be an automatic thing. I was NOT having my babies have babies before they were ready. However I don’t want to be the cause of their infertility, so this is a battle in my…

  • homeschooling during the pandemic in 2020

    Homeschooling During The Pandemic In 2020

    Are you homeschooling in 2020 during the pandemic? Is it that time already? Back to school in a couple weeks for us and I am just not sure if we are ready. I’m so tired. I’m not feeling capable. However, we will get it done and we will make it through like we always do. We have been homeschooling throughout the kids k-2 so far so it isn’t new to us but I know that it is for so many right now. Homeschooling is not like the 2020 pandemic virtual learning many are getting with public school. Subtle whispers from others  My kids aren’t being taught up to their standards…

  • Homestead

    How Growing Your Own Food Without a Tractor Is Possible

    So how do we handle the beginning stages of growing your own food without a tractor? To be fair, we just purchased one from my husband’s uncle however, we haven’t been able to use it yet. We had been thinking of growing our own food for years and researching just what happens to even the organic foods that pushed us even harder. Then the virus hit and food goods have been slowly becoming less and less able to attain. We knew it was time to really dive into it. So there is a spot in my front yard that is full of overgrown bushes and a few smaller plants that…

  • full moon in the year

    An Update On The Jonestead

    Update on the Jonestead, Has it been a year long full moon or what? I wanted to give an update on how we have been this year since I went on hiatus. We have had an odd year. The entire earth’s axis are off rotation or some shit. Leap year, illnesses all over the globe shutting places down, murder hornets, sand storms, riots, hyped up media, mask and vax bullies. I’m honestly over it all. I became overwhelmed so I took a looong break. While on a social media break I decided to create a YouTube just for the video parts of my homesteading life and update y’all on our…

  • need for bees
    Homestead,  lifestyle

    I’ve Got The Need For Bees

    So I’ve been a bit lacking on posts for a couple of weeks. I have had to clear my mind with all that’s going on in the world today. To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement. So in the process of clearing my mind, I felt the need for bees. This is part of my whole going organic journey and doing anything I can to make homeopathic remedies out of healthy plants and foods. Oh my goodness there’s so much to learn.  So I got the itch and my husband went to our local apiary and purchased two nucs of bees. A nuc or nucleus colony is like…

  • elderberry

    Why Elderberry? The Risks And Health Benefits.

    Why Elderberry? What are the risks and what are the benefits of using elderberry? I started out doing some research of homeopathic ways of treating colds and the flu. It led me to Pinterest and there were so many recipes. Problem was that I needed something my 3 month old could take too. Of course I am not a doctor and I do not claim to diagnose or treat anything (disclaimer here). I only know what helped us. You can go to Walmart and see the constipation ease is made from prune concentrate. Did you know doctors advise against juice before 4-6 months of age? Our pediatrician recommended to use…

  • 4 must haves on the homestead

    4 Things You Must Have On Your Homestead

    Welcome to the Jonestead. I am back again with 4 things you must have on your homestead. Check out my ultimate guide to homesteading here.  I mean there are way more than 4 but let’s dive into it shall we? When you are starting out new with homesteading, you are totally lost at first. You are researching all kinds of things and WOW it’s so much info to take in.  What type of homestead are you wanting? What type of lifestyle are you wanting to live? Do you know what animals you want or can afford? What about knowing the laws in your area? Did you know it is illegal to…

  • surviving marriage

    How To Keep Your Marriage Alive With 5 Kids

    Just how do you keep your marriage alive with 5 kids? There’s always chaos. The house is never in order, and there is always some task that must be done. How overwhelming!  First of all, acknowledging one another is key to keeping your marriage alive. Yes you have so much to do every day but when one speaks the other should attentively listen. This means looking up into your significant other’s eyes when they are talking or watching their mouth if you’re a lip reader like me. Do not just glance up from your phone every couple of seconds. Really pay attention. This will make or break a marriage. Don’t…

  • how to survive a worldwide pandemic
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    How To Survive A Worldwide Pandemic

    How do you survive a worldwide pandemic? What is a pandemic? Well it is when a disease epidemic occurs globally instead of just within a community. Picture this, the whole world is going to shit and there’s a pandemic. Your government is taking all of your rights away and you are left with nothing but the clothes on your backs.  That’s what is going on right now. This Covid-19 pandemic is brutal. The government isn’t telling us the truth and we have nowhere to hide. So what do you do? PREPARE NOW!! I didn’t write this post to scare you. I wrote it to inform you and get you in…

  • 5 Reasons Your Birth Plan Sucks

    The 5 Reasons Your Birth Plan Sucks

    Want to know the 5 reasons your birth plan sucks? Keep reading and I can explain Look I am not trying to argue here. I have been there and done that whole not planning and over planning thing and I just have to say that in all of the hustle bustle, much of what I had in my birth plan was a damn waste of my efforts. No birth plan at all. When I didn’t plan at all, I was played by the medical field. Therefore, lots of things happened that shouldn’t have happened. In turn, I also almost lost my first daughter because of it. 2. Don’t over plan…