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    Why We Chose Homeschooling

    Lots of you have asked me why we chose homeschooling from my post about homesteading with a large family. So I decided to add just why we chose it and if it is achievable for you then you should too. (This is a long one) It’s starts off with my story as a kid. I was a very sensitive kid growing up. I had short hair and everyone including grown men called me a little boy. I’m sure for those men it was in a joking manner but I liked my hair short. I was a tomboy and I also knew I wouldn’t have tangles in it with my hair…

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    3 Reasons Blogging Ain’t For Me

    3 reasons blogging ain’t for me. If I had a dime for every time I said I am overwhelmed I would be swimming in coins like old Scrooge mcduck. However, it just isn’t happening for me. Let me let you in on a little secret. If you’re a normal nobody like me and you are thinking just like I did. Oh these articles about how easy and quick it is to start a blog. How simple things are.  Big fat NOPE! Blogging is fucking hard. It makes you feel stupid. Incapable. Overwhelmed. Because you have a dream, you push through until you get a day or so of peace until the…

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    Why I Had An Unassisted Home Birth

    People think I’m nuts when I say I had a home birth on the homestead with a preemie, unassisted!  Let me clarify something. Never once did I intend to have an unassisted birth at 36 weeks. I planned and researched and became a doula to have the knowledge. We gathered supplies. Then I fully trusted my body. I had a midwife all set up to birth at the earliest at 38 weeks, maybe 37. My normal was in the 38th week (3 kids previous naturally). I have assisted births before so I was used to everything birth related. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of my home birth on…

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    Homesteading With A Large Family

    Homesteading with a large family is great! There are unbelievable things that happen when you put everyone together to complete a task. I have what most consider a large family and most of which aren’t quite ready for the big tasks yet.  My large family at the time of writing this consists of a seven year old girl , six year old girl, three year old girl, two year old boy, and a five month old boy. My five month old was born in the height of harvest season. I knew that once I found myself to be with child, my body wasn’t going to allow much of anything, which…

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    How To Live An Organic Lifestyle

    So what does it mean to be living an organic lifestyle?  Well it can be open to interpretation as just about anything can be but the literal definition organic is: derived from plants or animals; but this could also pertain to dirt and rock as well. You wouldn’t think that a rock isn’t organic would you? It isn’t unnatural so my opinion of the definition is anything natural.  When you think of living an organic lifestyle most of the time you’re just thinking about making sure you use anything listed as organic but it really goes deeper than that. You have to look up and search for yourself and pinterest…

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    3 Best Animals For Your Homestead

    Hey Y’all! If you are here from my other post to learn about which dogs are best for your homestead then this is the post for you. I will be talking about the 3 best animals for your homestead, dogs included. So let’s get started, shall we? We aren’t getting into the nitty gritty on dogs on the homestead just yet. I am saving the part with the most information for last. My favorite has to be chickens because i’m a meat eater and personally I feel like it’s just a way of life. Not that homesteaders aren’t vegetarians or vegans, but it’s just part of our personal homestead way;…

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    The Ultimate Guide To Homesteading

    So I have only been homesteading for a little over a year. I have come across some things in my time that requires mentioning. I grew up on a bunch of land that my family rented, but when my granny passed away we lost access to it. That is for another post. We were a family that lived a simple life. I grew up without the internet and computers or phones, all that jazz. I literally had to entertain myself so the country life taught me a lot of things. Homesteading has been a way of life for many people. For one, the circle of life. I learned about life…